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Downtime and Uptime Conversions

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PostPosted: Thu May 15, 2014 10:01 am    Post subject: Downtime and Uptime Conversions Reply with quote

Uptime & downtime conversion cheat sheet
Easily convert uptime percentages to monthly or yearly downtime in days, hours and minutes


99% Uptime
7h 12m monthly downtime
3d 15h 36m yearly downtime

98% Uptime
14h 24m monthly downtime
7d 7h 12m yearly downtime

97% Uptime
21h 36m monthly downtime
10d 22h 48m yearly downtime

96% Uptime
1d 4h 48m monthly downtime
14d 14h 24m yearly downtime

Uptime | Downtime per month | Downtime per year
100% 0m 0m
99.999% 0.4m 5m
99.99% 4m 52m
99.9% 43m 8h 46m
99.8% 1h 26m 17h 31m
99.7% 2h 10m 1d 2h 17m
99.6% 2h 53m 1d 11h 2m
99.5% 3h 36m 1d 19h 48m
99.4% 4h 19m 2d 4h 34m
99.3% 5h 2m 2d 13h 19m
99.2% 5h 46m 2d 22h 5m
99.1% 6h 29m 3d 6h 50m
99.0% 7h 12m 3d 15h 36m
98.9% 7h 55m 4d 0h 22m
98.8% 8h 38m 4d 9h 7m
98.7% 9h 22m 4d 17h 53m
98.6% 10h 5m 5d 2h 38m
98.5% 10h 48m 5d 11h 24m
98.4% 11h 31m 5d 20h 10m
98.3% 12h 14m 6d 4h 55m
98.2% 12h 58m 6d 13h 41m
98.1% 13h 41m 6d 22h 26m
98.0% 14h 24m 7d 7h 12m
97.9% 15h 7m 7d 15h 58m
97.8% 15h 50m 8d 0h 43m
97.7% 16h 34m 8d 9h 29m
97.6% 17h 17m 8d 18h 14m
97.5% 18h 0m 9d 3h 0m
97.4% 18h 43m 9d 11h 46m
97.3% 19h 26m 9d 20h 31m
97.2% 20h 10m 10d 5h 17m
97.1% 20h 53m 10d 14h 2m
97.0% 21h 36m 10d 22h 48m
96.9% 22h 19m 11d 7h 34m
96.8% 23h 2m 11d 16h 19m
96.7% 23h 46m 12d 1h 5m
96.6% 1d 0h 29m 12d 9h 50m
96.5% 1d 1h 12m 12d 18h 36m
96.4% 1d 1h 55m 13d 3h 22m
96.3% 1d 2h 38m 13d 12h 7m
96.2% 1d 3h 22m 13d 20h 53m
96.1% 1d 4h 5m 14d 5h 38m
96.0% 1d 4h 48m 14d 14h 24m
95.9% 1d 5h 31m 14d 23h 10m
95.8% 1d 6h 14m 15d 7h 55m
95.7% 1d 6h 58m 15d 16h 41m
95.6% 1d 7h 41m 16d 1h 26m
95.5% 1d 8h 24m 16d 10h 12m
95.4% 1d 9h 7m 16d 18h 58m
95.3% 1d 9h 50m 17d 3h 43m
95.2% 1d 10h 34m 17d 12h 29m
95.1% 1d 11h 17m 17d 21h 14m
95.0% 1d 12h 0m 18d 6h 0m

A note on “the nines”: When discussing reliability, one often talks about “five nines” (99.999%), “four nines” (99.99%), “three nines” (99.9%), etc.

A note on maintenance: Many service providers do not count downtime caused by planned maintenance into their uptime numbers

A note In the table above, a month is 30 days and a year is 365 days
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